We are a small team of people committed to enabling everyone to benefit from the timeless wisdom locked within the Talmud.   

We have dedicated 30 years to this project, generating a data base of 8,000 original entries, to bridge the glaring gap between access to the information contained in the Talmud, the “raw data,” and truly helping each person gain a meaningful understanding of the Talmud's pertinent relevance to their life.

While working on this project, we have had the honor of spending countless hours teaching Talmud around the world - from traditional Yeshiva classrooms in Jerusalem, to Pueblo Indians in New Mexico, to Christians in China. 


We believe everybody has a soul and every soul wants more light in this dark world. The way we have seen people respond to enlightened wisdom is like watching a parched flower welcome the first rainfall of the season. 


The Talmud says that each person is a world. If you save a life you have saved a world. In that case if you save a lot of people’s lives you have saved a universe. I’m not saying that the People’s Talmud is about saving lives, but it is about helping all of us to have a happier and more meaningful life. So, in that sense it is about saving our time from not being wasted learning life’s lessons the hard way. And since time is life maybe it is saving lives as well.

Gedaliah Gurfein - Founder

The People's Talmud first began in 1986 when I had the incredible honor to participate in a special program of studying seven "daf a day" of the Talmud in the Old City of Jerusalem. it was during this experience that it occurred the need for this vast wealth of knowledge to be made available and thus came The People's Talmud. For those of you already familiar with learning Talmud and would like to see the gift my rabbi, who ran this program, has produced - please visit: www.gemaramarkings.com 


We want to thank all of our donors and volunteers who have helped us get this far down the road. And especially the Koby Mandell Foundation, New York and Shir Hadash, Inc. New York