How Should I Navigate The People’s Talmud?


SEARCH: Go to the Search Page and scroll through all listings and categories.  Click on those which are of greatest interest to you to find all the selections under each heading.


  • Listings are items which appear here and there throughout the Talmud 

  • Categories are common themes throughout the Talmud. 

TEASERS:  Go to the “Scroll” page. Choose “Teasers” to gain an overview of each volume of the Talmud and find that which might interest you. As a registered user (check in “My Account” page) you can click on the “Wiki Talmud” icon which appears on the right side next to each teaser. This allows you to save your favorites and come back later to go through them one by one.


CONTENT PROVIDERS (FREE - REGISTERED USERS ONLY): Here you will find an ever growing list of teachers and institutions which have linked their content to our search results. If you see a content provider you know, click on the icon. If you don’t know who they are, just mouse over the icon and a call out box will give you brief introduction. The icons you choose will provide you access. On the results page you’ll see Diving Deeper. If there is associated content from a content provider you have chosen, the Diving Deeper icon will inform you there is more to your search than just the result on the page. You can always go back to My Preferences and unclick or choose another provider.


SAVE (For Registered Users):  Save your searches for quick and easy access and recall. 


THOUGHTS (For Registered Users): Write your own thoughts next to each result to personalize your journey. 


Now you should be ready to dive into the water! 

If you are feeling daring you can also click on the “Show Me” icon on the results page. This will open the original Talmudic text in English or Aramaic (your choice) provided by our friends and partners, Sefaria. There are plenty of other features, but we’ll leave you to discover them on your own. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you find. 

It is said of wisdom, the crown of human existence, that if it doesn’t bring joy it is not real wisdom. The analogy is a person with a lot of book knowledge but without joy is like a donkey carrying books.


Please let us help you build a personal journey


The People’s Talmud is like the sea. From the surface, everything looks the same. It is only when you commit and take the deep plunge do you truly behold the splendor within. 


Your challenge will be to navigate the “Sea of the Talmud.”  You must plot your own personal and unique course while remembering where you’ve been and what you’ve found.

Personalize Your


“Sea of the Talmud”