• Gedaliah Gurfein

NCSY & People's Talmud, Together, Impacting Young American Jews With the Wisdom of Their Heritage.

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

NCSY Summer hosted around a dozen Jewish organizations from Yeshiva University, Ohr Somayach, Aish HaTorah, Machon Lev and more today (July 25th) in Jerusalem. The groups were flooded with literally hundreds of young men and women from across North America on various NCSY summer programs in Israel. All of these organizations were offering programs for the students "GAP YEAR", as it has become known. All except for the People's Talmud that was offering content - a whole new way to discover the wisdom of the Talmud both online and in print.

When visitors to our booth were asked what they thought of the Talmud reactions ranged from, "Nothing", "Boring", "Difficult", "Talmud?", "Enjoyable". But their reaction to "would you like to register for the People's Talmud" was answered with only one solid "DEFINITELY". 

Once again - credit where credit was do - today's event happened through the help of Amit Fix (and his wife) from the OU Board, Israel and Rabbi Goldfischer, NCSY.

Rabbi Barry Goldfischer & Amit Fix

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