• Gedaliah Gurfein

RETRO NEW: People’s Talmud is Israeli EDTech Finalist in 2016

More and more people are asking us about the history of the People’s Talmud so we decided to write a couple of RETRO blogs on the subject. Much to our great surprise it was back in our infancy, Sept 2016, when we were asked to compete in the Israeli National EDTech competition. We were surprised because we were not up and running didn’t even have a web mock-up and only the first draft of our text books but nobody says no to opportunity, so we went for it.

It turns out that out of 450 applications People’s Talmud was chosen as one of the nine finalists. (Yes, I know it says 8 but count them and you’ll see 9! I’m glad this wasn’t for the Israeli math finals!)

Although we didn’t win it was sweet to see how many of our Tel Avivian brothers and sisters came over to tell us how much they loved the project and to remember them when it was live. “In Hebrew,” I asked? “Nope, we all read English,” came back the answer! One person said, “If the finals had been in Jerusalem you would have won!” Actually, even if one person came to like the People’s Talmud from that event we were already winners.

And the good luck continued. It was shortly after that that the yearly EDTech show took place at the Tel Aviv Hilton and we were invited to present the People’s Talmud on “Innovation Avenue”. It was incredible to see the traffic we drew to our booth. It was also incredible how many Israelis actually SCREAMED at us for not producing our material in Hebrew. (I guess these were different Tel Avivians than the ones from the competition). But we took it as a great compliment and assured them once we have the funding Hebrew is our next language.

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