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The People’s Talmud Opens the Doors to 18,000 Students Around the World

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs has just released this press release:

Leading the Next Generation Education: First of its kind conference held in Israel for Jewish school heads from the Diaspora Minister of Education and Diaspora, Naftali Bennett: "The Government of Israel is proud to be a partner, together with our brothers in the Diaspora, in facing the common challenges of the future of the Jewish people."

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Center for Educational Technology, and the Pincus Fund, hosted the first conference for school principals and Jewish education leaders from the around the world, attended by 150 participants from 31 countries, including; the United States, The former Soviet Union, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Panama.

The organizers of the event chose The People’s Talmud, along with only twenty other Jewish educational organizations from around Israel, to present at this conference. At our booth we presented a mock-up of our new series of Talmud text-books that are geared for students from pre-school to adults as well as for non-religious Jews to those with an Orthodox Jewish background. The text books will be ready for market, Q1 2019.

We also showed a full walk through of our online website which we are hoping for a BETA release in Q4 this year. The BETA will have most of the features functioning and one fourth of the database uploaded. Our pending website was described by visitors to our booth as “a Jewish Talmudic environment for today’s world”, “a community builder”, “Google meets Facebook in the Talmud” and “a great tool for Jewish educators”.

Amit Fix, who sits on the Board of the OU (Israel), joined the booth as a volunteer to help handle the crowd. During the four hours we met with over fifty different heads of Jewish schools as well as directors of school systems, such as ORT.

The People’s Talmud Founder, Gedaliah Gurfein

Volunteer Amit Fix (right) from the OU Board (Israel)

We brought to the event pre-printed "Letter of Interest" forms. For those teachers and administrators visiting our desk who instantly saw the tremendous academic value offered by the People’s Talmud, we asked them to fill out one of these forms. Our intent was to capture contact information as well as to gauge the market interest for our products.

From just the "Letters of Interest" returned to us, we found a potential reach of close to 18,000 students from around the world. Here are a few examples:

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