User’s Guide

for the Perplexed

For many the People’s Talmud will be their first encounter with Talmudic wisdom but hopefully not their last. Our database will bring you into a new online platform, a kind of Google meets Facebook environment, where you can find 8,000 different sources from the beginning to the end of the Talmud. We’ve provide 3,500 links to assist users, according to their own interests, access Talmudic wisdom on everything from dating to business to gourmet recipes to healthy lifestyles to life on other planets. Users can take notes, seek further insights, find help and share what they have found with others all on one site. 
On the results page users may save content, save their notes and even share to our Share Page. Similar to Facebook, it is on this page where user’s shares flow downstream allowing others to comment and discuss the topics on hand. Users can also find a link for contacting us with their thoughts or questions. They can even arrange for an online tutor, someone to speak about the content they uncovered in their search.
For the user looking for a more comprehensive approach to our data they can go to the Scroll Page. Here they can choose either Teasers or Tractate. Teasers are close to 3,000 one-liners that will tease the reader to want to know more. If you click on a teaser it brings you straight to the results page. However you can simply scroll through the teasers associated with each tractate (book) of the Talmud for a quick overall sense of the content in that volume. Here you will have the option to build your own Wiki Talmud by clicking on the teasers of interest and then saving them into you own workbook stored on your My Account page. 
The People’s Talmud is also a community builder. When you register you will become a member of the community. On the community page the user with the most amounts of searches will appear in the upper left hand corner of the page. The images will constantly change according to the users' searches.
Registered users will earn points with each search that will lead to free gifts from our in-house store. Only community members are allowed to comment on other community member’s postings found in the Share Page. For one member to ‘bond’ with another member a request is sent asking permission to bond. This way each member can control who has the right to comment on their shares.

Want more? We have created a feature called Diving Deeper. In your My Account page is a page called My Preferences. It is here that we have invited the Jewish world to share their wisdom with our users. Scholars, professors, teachers and institutions are invited to link their own video and/or PDF content as content suppliers. 

On this page you will see their icons. Feel free to choose from any of these content suppliers. When you have selected a search with has a link from that content supplier Diving Deeper will inform you on the result’s page. You will then be able to either watch the video or read the PDF they have provided for further, in-depth material relating the topic of your search. 

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